• Teho Majamäki – Travelogue ensemble

    Soolo Live project based on Travelogue album published 2016.

    During the concerts Travelogue transforms into an audio-visual spectacle with multiple staging options. The Travelogue Ensemble includes four instrumentalists, singers and two VJ’s. In addition Majamäki performs with his Travelogue Quartet and as duo with the VJ.


  • Teho Majamäki & Tapani Rinne

    Even though woodwinds specialist Tapani Rinne and percussionist Teho Majamäki have blazed many a lifetime’s worth of trails through unknown territories with dozens of artists ranging from jazz to ethno to rock and beyond, they are always on the lookout for inventive and exciting ways to express themselves.

  • Ashimba trio

    Ashimba’s virtuoso guitar-playing and sensitive singing forms a unique combination.Members of a trio are Tanzanian singer-songwriter Ashimba and two Finnish musicians,
    percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Teho Majamäki and saxophone player Linda Fredriksson.


  • Niillas Holmberg Kvarteahtta

    Laplander yoik tradition and singer-songwriter style shaking hands with three superior multi-instrumentalists with different musical backgrounds. Niillas’ songs are touched by vividness as Linda Fredriksson and Teho Majamäki represent the finest quality Finland has offer in their fields.

  • Teho Majamäki & Linda Fredriksson

    Linda Fredriksson & Teho Majamäki Duo was founded in 2013 an experimental duo, whose music combines jazz tradition are based on saxophones, from all over the world come polyphonic percussion and classical percussion tradition.


  • Teho Majamäki : Travelogue

    Udu Mood Music 2016

  • Tapani Rinne & Teho Majamäki : Under The Ground

    UduMood Music & Aani Records 2015

  • Tapani Rinne & Teho Majamäki: Inside the Temple

    Rockadillo records 2011

  • Ashimba: Wakukaya

    Grandpop Records & UduMoodMusic 2011

  • Niillas Holmberg : Assimilašuvdna Blues

    Tuupa Records 2014

  • Ismo Alanko Teholla: Onnellisuus

    Fullsteam records 2010

  • Ismo Alanko Teholla : Blanco Spirituals

    Fullsteam records 2008

  • Jhikoman: Yapo

    Udu Mood Music 2009

  • Aivoaula: Brain drop

    Udu Mood Music 2008

  • Suden Aika: Unta

    Rockadillo Records 2006

  • HC Andersen : Satuja ja Tarinoita

    Wiipurin A-levyt 1990 – Republished by Stupido Records 2015

  • HC Andersen: Eventyr

    Seal on Velvet 1995

  • HC Andersen: Hämäyksen Koston pojan paluu II

    Seal on Velvet 1993



Teho Majamäki – ONE THOUSAND NAMES OF GOD – feat. Johanna Kurkela

Teho Majamäki & Travelogue Ensemble LIVE 2016 – LUSIFER – feat. Ismo Alanko & Stina Koistinen

Teho Majamäki & Travelogue Ensemble LIVE 2015 – CESARE BORGIA – feat. Paleface & Hossni Boudali

Teho Majamäki & Travelogue Ensemble LIVE 2015 – COLOURS – feat. Linda Fredriksson


Teho Majamäki & Travelogue Ensemble LIVE 2014 – LUSIFER (feat.Ville Valo)


Tapani Rinne & Teho Majamäki LIVE – November



Tapani Rinne & Teho Majamaki  LIVE – Inside the Temple @ Sellosali Part 1


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