When I was seven I got a chance to try out the new drums of a friend. Since then, I haven’t been able to keep my hands away from music. Classical music opened a whole new world to my young mind when my father took me at the age of 8 to a concert of a symphony orchestra. At that point I also began my studies in percussion at a college of music. I joined youth Symphony orchestra at 13 years of age. Two years later I moved away from home and together with my friends founded a hardcore band HC Andersen where I payed Marimba.

The soundscapes of both hardcore and classical music tavelled with me side by side until 1995. At that transformative juncture I joined the actively touring and recording combo of Ismo Alanko, a well known Finnish artist. Sinse that I have worked in many different rock, folk, jazz, ambient and world music groups and projects as musician and producer.

1995 I also sensed and answered the call to investigate the mysteries of life and existence. In 1999 I moved to Australia where intertwined the deeper listening of the world of sounds in nature and discoveries in selfknowledge. I completed studies in Yoga, Pilates and meditation instruction.
Through all these journeys of learning and discovery I discovered as well the seeker in myself. Through surrendering to life I enter time and again the sphere of the unknown to discover that not yet encountered. My aim is to record the moments that unfold from meetings in constantly changing spaces and situations. Inspiration arises and disappears, but the music recorded in the living moment remains alive.

I’ve been priviledged to work together with musicians of inexhaustible creativity and professionalism. I have worked as a musician and a producer in both roles working with sound on sounds own terms. Co-operation and willingness to share the experience of life creaters something sincerely genuine.



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